The NEO is a public social security institution that manages the system of unemployment insurance and some employment measures. It is also responsible for the interruption system and career time credit.

The quarterly periodicity permits on the one hand, to decrease substantially the season-related effects or technical effects that may have an impact on the payment-based monthly statistics and on the other hand, to detect the evolutive tendencies of the labour market more rapidly than in an annual report.


SItuation on September 30th 2022

Situation on June 30th 2022

Situation on March 31th 2022


Situation on December 31th 2021

Situation on September 30th 2021

Situation on June 30th 2021

Situation on March 31th 2021


Situation on December 31th 2020 

Situation on September 30th 2020

Situation on June 30th 2020

Situation on March 31th 2020


Situation on December 31th 2019

Situation of September 30th 2019

Situation of June 30th 2019

The annual report of the NEO comes in 3 volumes:

  • Highlight
  • Activity Report
  • Indicators of the labor market and changes in allocations

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